You Changed My Life (2009)

*sigh*pardon the review. it’s messed up again, having been written and re-written for far too long.

I’ve heard raving reviews about the first movie, but still I was only vaguely interested in this second installment of the John Lloyd-Sarah tandem. I had never planned to watch this movie on the big screen, but when a good friend invited me and other people, I readily agreed to come, if not for the movie then definitely for the company.

Because I had never seen the first movie, I didn’t know much about the relationship between the two leading characters. It didn’t help, I guess, that I had to leave the theater to meet a colleague and give him his ticket so that he could join us. In any case, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the movie, even shedding a tear or two in choice tender moments.

The movie begins with Laida (Sarah Geronimo) waiting for her boyfriend (John Lloyd Cruz) to pick her up to go to his father’s birthday party. The new girlfriend is introduced to the family and she is received with surprised and unbelieving gazes from family members. This sets the pace and tone for the movie: the family vs. the girlfriend.

Technically, the family doesn’t fight Laida, but we find that she has to fight to keep her boyfriend’s affections and attention. What complicates matters is the appearance of her high school best friend played by Rayver Cruz who plays the third corner in the quasi-love triangle.

What I absolutely love is that everything seemed IN PLACE. There wasn’t an odd thing put in an awkward place at an inopportune time in the movie to throw off the audience. This movie is pure entertainment with an absolutely valid storyline (much more valid, I heard, than the first movie), which, in turn, was delivered very well by director and the cast. Cathy Garcia-Molina weaves every romantic’s fantasy into a realistic plot seamlessly and manages to create a wonderful tale of a couple facing both the ups and downs of their relationship. Sarah Geronimo was a natural playing Laida. I can’t imagine KC Concepcion or even Bea Alonzo in the title role. John Lloyd, as usual, was his excellent self. Rayver, Matet De Leon, Gio Alvarez and Joross Gamboa provide stellar support for the lead cast, injecting just the right amount of mush and humor in the right places.

And the best thing I love about this is? There is closure, and it’s not just that the lead characters end up happy (together or with someone else, I won’t say); lessons are learned and emotions are sorted out, leaving the audience not only entertained but enlightened, if I may say, as to how to deal with a partner when trouble arises.

Now, some people might say that this kind of ending that neatly wraps up the entire movie is too clean cut and boring. But, honestly, what do you expect from a romantic-comedy? This movie manages bring together light-hearted comedy, swoon-worthy romance and lines that either bring you to tears laughing or stop you dead in your tracks and make you think about your own relationship. Watch it, and you’ll understand what I mean.

I give this movie only 4 stars and not 5 because of Sarah Geronimo’s wig. it was just plain trash.


5 thoughts on “You Changed My Life (2009)

  1. Nice review. Thank you for this. At least I have an idea on what my sister would have to say again if she has already seen this movie. I LOLed at the last part. ^_^


  2. i did not read everything here, coz i am yet to watch the movie.

    please forgive sarah for the wig.

    john lloyd is just crazy. how good are you.

    – tenco


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