17 Again (2009)

17-again-posterCheeseball comedy with THE hottest kid in town, Zac Efron.

That’s what this movie is all about. The first time I heard about this movie, I thought I could get away with just getting the DVD and watching it on my laptop because it honestly didn’t seem good enough to watch on the big screen. But a few days after the movie opened here and people have been telling me already that it’s actually a very nice movie. Definitely not a blockbuster film, but good enough to pull in a sizable crowd aside from the lead’s adoring female fans.

Bored enough to actually consider watching this HSM graduate’s latest offering, I invited friends to watch it with me on the big screen today (and let me tell you it was HARD looking for people who haven’t seen it yet because apparently, EVERYBODY has seen it already haha). The first few minutes were annoyingly reminiscent of HSM complete, even, with Efron in a dance number in his basketball uniform. But oh well what the hell right? We were in the theater so we might as well stay and make the most of it.

You know what?

It got better, and better, and better. Cheeseball comedy, yes, but a heartwarming and touching one, with Efron turning in a surprisingly very good performance. And because I’m a girl, I MUST say that Efron in those aviator shades made me feel 17 again.

Girls. Ladies. Grandmas. WATCH IT.

Boys. Gentlemen. It’s up to you. This may be a chick flick, but it’s something that I bet you will actually enjoy.


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