Star Trek (2009)



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I give this movie 4 stars not because of how accurate and faithful the movie has been to the original series, but because of how it was able to entertain its audiences with a clear and exhilarating plot, witty lines, and a relatively balanced mix of action in traditional hand-to-hand combat and sci-fi laser blasting. 🙂

James Tiberius Kirk, son of Captain George Kirk, was born under highly stressful circumstances. His father, who was captain only for 12 minutes, saved the lives of the many people in his fleet including his wife’s and son’s. Growing up without a father, James T. Kirk became a rebellious man but with a top IQ and a good heart. You might call it fate, but he was soon recruited into the Star Fleet where life continued to be eventful for him, and where we see the first encounter between himself and Spock.

Their first encounter being less than friendly, the two find that they have to work together to ensure the safety of millions of lives. While the rest of the story may be history–especially to the Trekkies–regular moviegoers will find that this movie does not limit itself to the diehard fans. It provides something of everything to cater to everyone’s delight: a bit of a love story, a dash of wit and humor, and a heaping of action and sci-fi.

Sylar, ahem, SPOCK, rendered a merely okay performance as the younger Vulcan first portrayed by Leonard Nimoy in the series. Zachary Quinto’s portrayal of this young genius was hampered by his Sylar season 3 tendencies (bad then good then bad Sylar), but he turned in an overall decent acting job.

Chris Pine? I’m a girl who watched this with a LOT of other girls, so you can just imagine my comments will be largely based on his gorgeous eyes haha. But YES, Pine turned in a powerful performance as the legendary captain in his younger years, albeit getting beat up every so often.

I’m no geek when it comes to this series, but I believe I know a good movie when I see one. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is one of them.


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