Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

*minor spoiler alert*


I’m gonna get so much flack for this so I’m gonna start with:

Don’t kill me.

I didn’t like it.

Sure it was action-packed. Sure the action scenes were just off the charts awesome. Sure Megan Fox stole the spotlight in every single scene she was in. Sure it was funny.

But throw them all together haphazardly and you get a half-baked movie pie.

All the elements of the first movie were present in the sequel: action, suspense, humor, a bit of drama and romance, and more action. However, this next one lacked the coherence and intelligence that made the first such a delightful movie to watch. Case in point? The US National Security Advisor chose to ignore all the warnings of the Autobots, the ones most likely and most capable of assisting them if and when the Decepticons stage another massive attack. I have another example, but people might really kill me this time for giving another spoiler.

It just seemed to me that the whole movie was propelled forward by the characters’ stupidity. The mom eating the ganja brownie. Sam (Shia LaBeouf) not dealing with the Allspark cube shard properly. The twin Autobots fighting in the desert. Even the little RC truck Decepticon was stupid enough to have gotten tangled up in a mouse trap LITERALLY.

Is THIS what Michael Bay is trying to tell us? If you want an action-packed life, go and be stupid because it’ll either get you lucky or some serious ass-whooping. How’s that for action?

Another thing I found a problem with is that the robots were given less action time than their human counterparts. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee had their moments of glory, sure, but what about Ironhide and the others originally in the team? The female Autobots? Even Starscream seemed to merely fire missiles at everybody. In that crucial scene in the desert, you barely see the Autobots work their magic. Most of the time we saw the US Armed Forces communicating with each other (or dealing with the lack of it) and responding ever so quickly to all these attacks. Perhaps a subliminal message to the general public that the US is not a nation to be messed with?

And Megatron was, as usual, just a big LOSER.

The main problem with this movie is that it fails to balance all the elements that made the first film such a beautiful movie. I’m not saying that this second movie is an epic failure since everybody is absolutely RAVING about it *ahemMEGANFOXahem*, but it lacks the coherence and intelligence that would have put this on the same level as the first movie or even last year’s dark hit, The Dark Knight. Granted, this movie succeeds in entertaining and stimulating the gentlemen’s heads, but what it fails to do is stimulate the mind, which, admittedly, you can’t really expect from a movie like this.

For some brainless humor, and spectacular shows of action and Megan Fox (or Josh Duhamel for the ladies), then one should definitely see this movie.


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