Twister Fries


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After one week of being holed up in the province due to classes being called off because of Ahini (that’s the swine flu virus, shortcut version), I FINALLY got to lay my hands on this sorely missed junk food.

KFC’s fries still hold the top spot for me, but truth be told, those servers give customers TOO little of those dee-lish little things to be fully satisfying (unless you buy the mini-bucket one). Anyway.

Mcdonald’s regular fries are a close second for me, but whenever they bring back the Twister Fries for whatever promo, it’s a mad dash to the nearest Mcdonald’s to order some. Woohoo! Now that I’m finally back in the city, the first thing I did was (aside from watch TV) was head on to the nearest Mcdo, which is a short walk away and grab my fave order of double cheeseburger meal but this time with a large coke and twister fries. YAHOOOOO 😀


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