The Proposal (2009)

The-ProposalMm mm mm mmmmmm.

Delicious. Yummy.

Ryan Reynolds is now officially a crush of mine.

The Hollywood myth was true: Sandra Bullock shoots her leading men to stardom. 😀 Ryan Reynolds may already be a rising star, but this movie takes the cake.

Margaret Tate is a hotshot editor in a top publishing company. Andrew Paxton is an aspiring writer who’s sticking it out in possibly the worst job ever after Andrea Sachs’ job as assistant to Miranda Priestly. The two have a pretty good dynamic going as far as boss-assistant “relationships” go, but problems arise when Margaret, a Canadian working in an American firm, finds that her application for a visa renewal was denied, which means that she’ll have to be deported. How does she stay in the country? She has to marry an American. Who? Her assistant, who else?

The rest of the movie is a comedy of errors and a wonderful tale of opening up and family ties. It’s a simple story, actually, and definitely not Oscar material, but it resonates with everybody who’s had his dreams shot down, who’s lost loved ones, who’s facing parental pressure. It resonates with people — women, especially — who feel alone and have difficulty letting others in.

I’ve read other people’s reviews about the movie’s character development, and to some degree, I agree with them, but with light-hearted movies like this one, it’s just something that you throw out the window. If you don’t, then you never will really appreciate this hilariously endearing movie.

Women, watch this with your girlfriends. Men, keep an open mind, not to mention an open eye, and you’ll see what a gem of a movie this is. 🙂


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