Resiliency. Compassion. Community

written yesterday, 27 September

My friend Jules said it best: “This morning, I walked around marikina and saw despair and suffering. This evening,I saw people in school volunteer and saw love and hope.”

It is painful to see such a tragedy befall a nation whose troubles seem to never end, yet what makes our people so beautiful, what makes our nation so strong is the fact that we have each other to turn to. Stranger or family, we help each other out in times of such calamities.

I am lucky and blessed that I did not lose anything or anybody in the storm yesterday, but I also feel for those who lost properties and loved ones. It seemed insensitive to just sit around and watch TV when I could help, so when I was asked if I wanted to go to Xavier School to bring goods and help out, I jumped at the chance. I only stayed for a while there, but when I got home to Katipunan, I made up my mind to continue volunteer work in Ateneo. I even dragged my brother to the covered courts. We helped sort and pack goods. We made new friends from different cities, schools, professions and age brackets. It was a great show of unity and I am happy to be part of it.

I will try to go back tomorrow to Ateneo. I still have work to finish, but the urgency to finish that one somehow pales in comparison to the needs of the victims.

Please continue to pray for those in the evacuation centers, for those who lost properties, for those who lost loved ones, and for those helping out in the different relief/evacuation centers.

I wasn’t able to go to Ateneo. I ended up as point person releasing goods to my colleagues who lived in the Marikina/Rizal area. Please do continue to pray for them.

Ateneo de Manila University and Xavier School will continue to accept donations (ready to eat food and water and blankets please) for the next few days.


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