burn notice

I’ve been watching Burn Notice on and off lately, and I’m drawn to it.

Something about the spy trade has always fascinated me. Maybe it’s all the secrecy. And the hot men, although I’m guessing that in real life, these covert operatives aren’t as hot as their TV/movie counterparts.

Jeffrey Donovan is the lead actor. If you don’t know him, you’ll probably remember him as the asshole in the movie Hitch, the one with Will Smith and Eva Mendes. Yup, that’s Donovan. His face isn’t Hollywood “gwapo”, but it works in this show.
Gabrielle Anwar. I have a girl crush on her. She’s almost 40 and dammit she’s hot. And she knows how to handle her guns.
The show itself isn’t the most serious spy shows out there what with a good dose of humor injected in it. It’s fun, entertaining and highly educational, provided that most of the tips given in that show are true. 😀
Okay, I’m back to watching the finale of season 2. 😀
on a different note, this was supposed to be a mix of random topics, but burn notice just took the spotlight, hence its spot in the blog section instead of in the reviews.
i wanna watch Glee now. the newest ep. 😦 and Eastwick, too.




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