birthday wishlist

yes, well. this is tradition. it’s not like i expect all of these things from my friends or family; they’re all “poor” like me. 😀 i just like doing this every year and seeing how many of these the fates will allow me to have. =)

this is the list for now. i’ll update this if i think of something new. 😀


Nine West Eclairs (click image for link)


Nine West Debutante (click image)

  • new stock of pink Stabilo ball pens
  • vintage and/or statement tees (the greenhills tiangge/david&goliath type)
  • a new laptop bag or bag big enough to carry my mac
  • olay total effects facial wash (hard to find here in the philippines)
  • new flat sandals
  • boots. dammit, i’ve longed for these for the longest time. last pair i saw that i loved were in charles and keith all the way in MOA. too far, too expensive.
  • skimmers (PrP doesn’t sell them anymore. boo)
  • jogging pants
  • boyfriend jacket or this one
  • new clothes, bags, shoes basically 😀
  • belle du jour planner 2010 thanks to irish, i can cross this one off my list
  • someone to clean my work table and our condo lol
  • new hoop earrings. i gave mine to anna r.
  • a hair makeover
  • 5k gift certificate to Fully Booked
  • i need my gold necklace chain cleaned. can anybody point me in the right direction? thanks.
  • a year’s supply of goolai salads (only the ones with raspberry or poppyseed vinaigrette please).
  • banapple baked goodie. either the fudgymudgymud pie, classic pecan pie, apple caramel crumble pie, or chocolate chip walnut pie. basta i have one slice all to myself that i don’t have to share… i’m happy 😀

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