Percy Jackson

The first time I heard about this book was when one of my students talked about book one in his Book Talk during class. It sounded tremendously interesting, especially since I was keen on Greek Mythology. Actually getting my hands on copies of the entire series took a bit of time, though, but I was lucky enough to have my sisters be bibliophiles too (well, sort of). They recently bought, with what the Chinese would call ang pao (one word?) money, the entire boxed hardbound Percy Jackson and the Olympians books. *cue salivation*

I started reading book 1 today after I finished my self-bet to finish A Company of Swans from 1-530am (estimate) which left me surprisingly not as exhausted as I expected to be. Barely halfway into the book and already I could spot some Harry Potter similarities. I’m sure other people have spotted these things, but I just feel the need to………. talk about them.

The similarities didn’t end with the “strange things happening to the hero.” No. In fact, that’s where it all began. When Harry spoke with the snake in that zoo (was it a zoo?), that was the first real evidence that he was “special.” In Jackson’s case, it was when one of his teachers transformed into a monster I shall not name (for Names have power) and attacked him. He, of course, survived. After that, the whole world began to change for our two heroes: Harry learned he was a wizard; Jackson learned he was a demigod. Even the name they call demigods in the PJ series even finds an equivalent in Harry Potter: Half Bloods, who constituted both the heroes and villains in, well, both series. I’d say more about Half Bloods in the PJ series, but I don’t want to give too much away.

I have yet to finish all five books in the PJ series–I have only just finished the second book–but the similarities are undeniable. One could say that PJ is inspired by–or worse, copied from–HP, but one could also argue that the PJ series was all about the Greek gods, and you know what they say about the Greeks: “everything came from the Greeks.”

One other thing that the Percy Jackson series reminds me of is Neil Gaiman’s novel, “American Gods.”

I’ll leave it at that lest I spoil the fun for you, dear reader, if I do have readers. 😀

It’s 1:07 am on my clock and I feel the least bit sleepy. My mind is still fully alive, ready to gorge on more Greek myths and juvenile literature, but I know I shall regret it (just like I knew I’d regret every other “error” I’ve made but failed to correct it anyway).

That said, I’ve made my choice. I shall rest my unweary head onto my sister’s soft pillows (don’t ask) and try to dream of myself being a hero (don’t we all).


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