manila mayor bans buses

Seriously? You’re going to ban buses because they clog the road because of their large size?

Traffic is and always will be a problem, but taking out one type of vehicle will just add to the problems people are facing now. What kinds of problems? Let’s see, there’s transportation, for one. With the buses gone, people will flock to either jeepneys (highly uncomfortable in the congested heat) or cabs (which are scarce and whose drivers can be very picky). Students (especially those from the provinces) are the most disadvantaged because the buses are a cheap and convenient way to travel long distances. Cabs are too expensive and dangerous, while jeepneys are just really uncomfortable. Jeepney drivers are also terrible drivers. I’m not saying bus drivers are the absolute best because they’re just as bad, but this is not the best way to address the traffic problem.

Another possible problem that arises if buses remain banned is pollution. Jeepney engines aren’t the most efficient, and are therefore some of the biggest causes of air pollution in the metro. What about buses? Oh sure, they’re belchers, too, but I’m thinking if buses hold more people, then there’d be less demand for jeepneys (especially in this heat). Of course, that wouldn’t be fair to the jeepney drivers whose sole source of income would be their trusty tin and metal mechanical chariot. (Wow, I can’t win against myself. doink)

Anyway, if the mayor really wanted to solve the problem, then he should address the main problem: discipline.

The lack of discipline is the reason why jeepneys and buses load and unload people in the middle of the street. Lack of discipline is the reason why these vehicles swerve whenever they want. Lack of discipline is the reason why these drivers speed up at the yellow light instead of slowing down. Lack of discipline is the reason why cops and traffic officers aren’t doing their jobs of making sure that these drivers follow the rules.

If he wanted to make a lasting change, then he should try and instill discipline in his people. It’ll go a long, LONG way.


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