sex and the city 2

okay, so this is a mushy review. pardon me. very minor spoilers along the way.


I’m deathly afraid of relationships.

I fantasize about them every single waking moment of my life, yet whenever I even come close to one, whenever I even go out on a date, I’ve never seen myself in a long-term relationship with that particular date. It’s a bit like saying to myself that hey, I’m going to do this dating thing just so I can say that I DID go out with guys.

Relationships scare me.

There are a lot of factors that go into this fear of relationships, but I’m not going to go into that. I only mentioned it because despite this fear, I still DO hope that I will get over this fear and that I WILL find my own Prince Charming. Call me old fashioned, call me childish, call me a dreamer, but I do want a Prince Charming. MY Prince Charming. And one of the things that keep me hoping is this movie.

A lot of reviews have said that this movie was a bust. I’ve never read those reviews; my friends just tell me about them. I don’t know what the reviews said, but if they’re saying that this movie does not even hold a match to the first one, then I’d have to agree. The first one had drama, fabulosity, men, relationships, clothes, shoes, and while the second one had those same elements, they kind of just fell short of one’s expectations.

But I suppose that’s because despite the extravagance, opulence and exoticness of Hollywood and beautiful Abu Dhabi, this movie was a bit more real, to put it simply. There was drama, yes, but not the kind where you stop your car in the middle of the road, get out with your wedding dress on and whack your man with your bouquet of flowers. It was the kind that of drama where a mother feels tired and doesn’t know what to do and confides in her friend. It was the kind of drama where people calmly talked about their problems without having to throw things at each other or go down on bended knees begging him please don’t go (Taylor Swift, is that you?).

It was beautifully real, and I loved it.

What didn’t I like? Samantha. Jones.

While I understand to some degree her strong personality and individualism, and, to a lesser degree, her vanity, I most especially did not appreciate her lack of decorum and respect for other people’s culture. I do not want to spoil the movie for anybody, but let’s just say that Samantha was just being herself plus menopause in the hot desert.

My problem was that her being HER was, in my eyes, no excuse for disrespecting a people’s culture no matter how little we understand it. It was the ugly side of Americans personified in this woman which, even though it kept with the whole “real-ness” of the movie, was the one thing that left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Now back to the happy parts.

Pardon this minor spoiler that I shall mention but what I loved most about this movie was not the glamour and drama and clothes that I loved in the first one. It was what Carrie’s butler at their Abu Dhabi hotel said. He said that for two people who love each other, time and distance do not matter. When they see each other, each time is always wonderful.

What does that tell me and other single girls out there? True love is beautiful, and it is worth the wait.

I fear, but I also hope. This movie gives me that hope.

(and Raza Jaffrey plus that Danish guy were H-O-T. ^_^)


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