You Will Shit Bricks When You See It


Note: I seem to have acquired a younger audience. Please be warned that this review contains strong language.

If you’re familiar with the aforementioned sentence, then you will understand how true it is when you see this movie.

Inception takes mind-blowing to a whole different level and is almost impossible to watch without talking about it after seeing it. The movie’s twisted plot seems too much for the average mind to process on its own that you need to discuss it with other people to make sense of what you’ve seen just happen and to try and sort out your feelings about reality.

I don’t want to give spoilers, but I don’t believe I’m giving any by saying that Inception is all about dreams and how our mind is so powerful it can make dreams feel like reality. In this sense the movie feels like it’s channeling The Matrix but with less philosophical crap and more psychology. The beautiful part about this is that it explains just enough while making you question the entire movie and the concept that powers it throughout the entire process of watching it. You leave the theater with your mind trying to process all these questions and ideas more complex than a mathematical equation.  Mind blown? Talk about mind fucked.

Until now there are parts of the movie that I am still trying to work out. I have questions that need to be asked and answered. I have ideas that need to be shared. Unfortunately, I have nobody to share them with at this moment. That will come on Monday when I get back to work, assuming I even have the luxury of time to do so.

And so till then this short rambling will have to do.

Memorable line: It was worth the shot.



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