ten years ago…

i was a shy college freshman, scared shitless of her teachers.

i was away from home, but safe with my friends.

i was busy meeting new people and laying the foundations of a strong friendship with 5 beautiful people.

i was in awe of the people i went to school with.

i was fucking healthy.


i have to take medicine for the next few months.

i have to exercise and watch what i eat.

i am a grade school teacher, jaded and each and every day annoyed at the selfishness and self-centeredness of today’s youth.

i feel shitty, for i am broke and nearly homeless. (don’t effin ask)

how can ten years bring so much grief?


2 thoughts on “ten years ago…

  1. aaww.. get well soon ria!

    i miss college days. life’s much simpler back then, even if we didn’t think so.

    these are signs of aging ata


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