Then She Found Me (2007)

Most of the time I don’t know what to make of movies like this one. Is it one that critics would call “poignant”? Or one they would call “heart-wrenching”?

In my opinion, this is what it is: simple. It doesn’t make you cry–unless you’re highly hormonal and lacking the usual comfort food. It will probably make you fall asleep if you don’t have the patience for movies with stories as simple as this. There’s just really no other way to describe this movie.

I am underwhelmed by this movie, and that is probably just right. I came into this experience expecting a witty love story about old people reminiscent of Something’s Gotta Give, but the first few minutes already dismissed that expectation and I stopped watching. I resumed a few days later because I simply had no other thing to do besides wallow in my own misery so I decided to wallow in somebody else’s–April Epner’s, in this case.

This movie, at first glance, is boring to death, but if you stop thinking about how boring it is, you’ll actually see a diamond in the rough under the surface. Love is complicated, this movie says, and the solutions to the problems are actually simple, but very difficult to do. How ironic, right? (or not. I never trust myself with identifying ironies)

I think I’m going to have to take back what I said about this movie being simple. I’m sitting here wracking my brains trying to find a way to prove how simple this movie is yet I have nothing mainly because… well, I don’t know, really. All I know is that I liked it. I had to muster up my patience, though, but in the end, I dare say I did.

self-monitoring note: i wrote this way too soon after watching the movie and way too late into the night. possibly why i pretty much rambled on in this “review.”


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