character post #01

There’s this one kid in class that amuses me and makes me “sort of” proud.  He’s a jock, but based on his behavior and his compositions, he’s kind of on the lazy side. He’s one of those kids who are maangas (can’t think of an English translation. help?). He’s not everybody’s pick for the ideal student.

But you know what? I started paying really close attention to this kid when I saw that he LISTENS. He pays attention to what you say. I tell my boys to move the tables around QUIETLY, and he’s the ONLY one who lifts his table so that it won’t make any grating sound when it’s dragged on the floor. I tell them at the start of the school year that they can’t go to the toilet during the period after recess, so he tries to hold it in till the second period after recess. I tell them to say “excuse me” when interrupting somebody if there’s an urgent need, and he’s the only one who remembers to do it.

Another thing about this kid i like is that he’s a jock who READS. Of course, it’s a big problem when he does it in class sometimes, but maaaaan. Next to our resident book geek, this kid is the other one whose nose is buried in a book every chance he can get. It started when we discussed Percy Jackson #1 in class. Afterwards, I’d always see him with a book if he’s not drawing or making a paper basketball court. And that’s the thing! He used to draw instead of paying attention but now he READS! I know I should be mad, but how can I be? How can I stay mad at a kid who has a new-found love (or at least an interest) for reading? You know what’s even more interesting? I check his quizzes, and his quizzes have decent scores. Not the best, but they’re good enough to tell me that he’s got most of the concepts down pat.

Peeves?  The kid’s messy. Dear lord his table and the area around him is full of scraps of paper. Then once he made a mess of field chalk in the classroom. He got the chalk used to line the football field, wet it, turned it into a ball, then brought it to the classroom. He dropped it, made a mess, then left it there. Le sigh.

Also, he never stands up to recite. If he has an answer (and mind you, he DOES recite often), he won’t stand up to say it. If I make him stand up, he’d either do it very slowly, or just not give his answer anymore.

Well, you can’t have everything. I guess I’m just really surprised because I had not expected him to be such a darn good kid. Just goes to show you really can’t judge a book by its cover.


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