character post #03

taken from: deathlyhallows

Let’s not talk about Natalie Portman. The whole world is abuzz with her Oscar-worthy performance in Black Swan, and while I am one with the rest of the world, I would rather talk about the character she portrayed: Nina Sayers.

Timid? Goody two shoes? Perfectionist? Yup, that’s me. Er, no, that’s Nina. She wants the Swan Queen role, and works hard to get it, even stepping out of her comfort zone to try to be sexy for ballet big boss Thomas. A kiss, a bite, a flash of passion and rebellion all get her the role. Try as she might, though, she simply could not nail the role of the Black Swan.

A fantastical dalliance with a fellow ballerina and many deranged outbursts and experiments with self pleasuring later, perfect little goody-two shoes Nina Sayers cracks and lets out the warped side of her humanity and delivers THE performance of her career and wows even her doubting boss.

I’ve read theories about her delusions and mental instability, and while they’re all sound and logical indeed, I can’t help but be able to relate to her. She’s a bit on the whacko side, sure, but the insecurity is spot on! The need to be perfect and the feeling of frustration because you’re trying so hard but can’t seem to please your peers or your boss were two things that I completely understood especially when I found myself mentally defending Nina while reading or listening to people’s thoughts on the movie.

Please don’t ask me to explain. It is as difficult for me as it was difficult for Nina to play the Black Swan. All I can say is that for anybody who’s felt frustrated at not being to meet somebody’s standards, especially one’s own, this movie will highlight that feeling and twist it around and make it painful for you to watch.

Then again, sometimes pain begets beauty, and Nina Sayers felt tons of it to portray it.


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