character post #18: Brandon Boyd

Brandon Boyd

His birthday was 3 days ago, and I would have written about him then, but I only came up with the idea today, sadly.

This beautiful man not only has a beautiful voice but also a beautiful mind and heart as well. His songs bemoan not merely of a broken heart like most emo songs nowadays tend to do but also that of the state of the world and of society. His songs touch on issues on a universal level as opposed to the personal current ones that border on self-centeredness and vanity.

He and his powerful band mates make music that urge us to sing along, dance, bang our heads and sympathize and take action for the world.

His success has inspired himself and his fans to continue creating beautiful things whether it be music or art for the benefit of the world.

Talented, creative, athletic and generous, not to mention ridiculously handsome–this man will no doubt continue making waves in this world.


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