character post #23: Henry Crawford

Henry Crawford

Slick, handsome, charming, Henry Crawford enters the quiet and idyllic life of the Bertrams and stirs up mischief, but his heartstrings get plucked by unassuming Miss Fanny Price.

He and his sister Mary represents change in an environment that badly needs it. Fanny, obstinate, virtuous, loving, piques his interest when he notices how she’s blossomed into a beautiful young lady with a mind of her own.

Those two would have been perfect for each other, in my opinion. Henry’s modern ways tempered by Fanny’s old-fashioned views could have resulted in a very interesting marriage.

Henry seemed genuinely smitten–or in love, if you dare to go that way– with Fanny, and when she rejected him I felt he truly felt pain, and he resorted to dulling that pain with the thing he knows best–a casual and drunken affair with any woman available.

hm. quite a rambling entry. Nivola’s Crawford was perfect. 🙂


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