Friendship (2008)

(minor spoilers)

Making the online waves (at least here in the Philippines) is Thailand’s equivalent of our very own Gerald Anderson: Mario Maurer. Filipinos first heard of this young man through his 2010 movie, First Love (A Little Thing Called Love), a review of which I’ll post later on.

Friendship movie poster

In this movie set in the 80’s, Maurer plays a teen named Singha who picks on Mituna, one of his classmates who recently transfers in. For some reason, which we all know to be love, he picks on her relentlessly even though he’s not really the bad guy in school. He comes to his senses when another new student whom he befriends talk to him about Mituna. Well, that and after she nearly beats him to a pulp for making fun of her in public.

The two teens’ romantic feelings for each other blossom eventually but not without problems, which make up the meat of the story so I won’t go there anymore.


I literally have nothing to say. Or maybe I do, but I just haven’t found the words yet.

Lam in the foreground

What I CAN say right now is that it was disappointing for a movie called “Friendship,”  they didn’t really give much attention to the relationship between Singha and his new friend, Lam. If they had meant it to be a romantic movie, they should have just left out Lam because his character was WASTED there. The Lam subplot felt out of place in the romance between Singha and Mituna, which was obviously the focus of the movie. I was waiting for the guys to do something big for Lam to show how much his friendship meant to them but there was nothing. at. all. And the friendship book? What happened to it? Singha placed such a big importance on it, but it was also relegated to the sidelines to make way for the romance. *sigh*

Anyway, I didn’t exactly understand the ending, about what happened to one of the characters and whether or not it had something to do with whatever sickness this character contracted.

Oh well.

It was still a pretty decent and enjoyable movie.  🙂


If you’re Filipino, you’ll get this next part:

Mario Maurer – Gerald Anderson / Mituna – Shaina Magdayao.

Aminin. haha


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