A Little Thing Called Love (2010)


Well, well, well, well, well.

I don’t know about you, but this movie just KILLED me.

Thailand presents a gem of a movie in this teen romance about Nam, a girl whose crush on the school’s most popular boy, Shone, drive her to improve herself in terms of looks, academics and social life to the detriment of her relationship with her closest friends.

Nam, wonderfully played by Baifern Pimchanok

Sound familiar?

This beautiful Thai movie manages to speak to every single person in the world who’s ever had a crush on anybody, whether they were popular or not. Nam’s awkward looks and demeanor are easily relatable and is portrayed very charmingly and beautifully by breakthrough actress Baifern Pimchanok.

Nam’s swan story provides inspiration to many and fuel for mockery for some people, whose pessimism lead them to comment, “It’s wrong that she changed herself all for a guy.” To them I say this: Nam’s motivation may have been a guy, but she used it instead to create beauty for herself and, when she grew up, for other people as well. She never let her disappointments lead her down a darker path, which is one of the things that is very admirable about her character.

Green mangoes have never looked so good.

The other half of this beautiful teen romance is courtesy of Mario Maurer, the Thai-German young actor who shot to international fame (and by international I mean now Philippine-famous) with this movie. He plays P’Shone, the older, handsome, popular student who captures Nam’s eye and her heart. The movie begins with an older version of Shone at his photography exhibit where he is found seemingly to be the father to a lovely baby boy. We flash back to his school days when girls, including our heroine Nam, obsess and chase after him.

(Just an aside, one interesting parallel to the Nam-Shone romance is that of Nam’s English teacher In, who has a huge crush on the hunky PE teacher. She was a brilliant addition to the film.)


Is Nam successful in catching P’Shone’s attention? You’ll have to watch the movie. It’s one of those things that one has to experience in order to fully appreciate. The beauty of the story lies in its transcendence of all cultures, for what person hasn’t felt her heart flutter whenever her crush walks by? What person hasn’t felt giddy when the crush says her name? Because all of us have gone through this experience at one point in our lives or another, we sympathize with Nam and find ourselves cheering for her every single step of the way. And in the end, when we see if she makes up with her friends and whether or not her hard work pays off, you can’t help but say “Awwwww.”

Truth be told, you’ll be doing a lot more than say “Aww” at the end. I’ve been holding back in this post. My feelings for this movie are downplayed by this rather sedate praise-slash-review. The sole reason for this is that if I let my feelings run amok and take over this entry, all I’d be able to say is:


Care to join me? Watch this movie. NOW. And fall in love with the story of Nam, the girl who loved.

I googled the name of the actress who played Nam, and I just copy-pasted what I found. The translation in the movie spelled it as Pimchanok Luevisedpibool, but I’m not a hundred percent sure it’s correct. If what I wrote was incorrect, please leave a comment so that I can make the necessary changes. Thanks!


5 thoughts on “A Little Thing Called Love (2010)

  1. Super like this! I gave copies to my officemates and all of them are hooked! hehe.. We’re going to build a “Shone-Nam” fansclub here! ;p


  2. woooh..super ganda!!! i love it very much!!:) i love to watch it many times!so addictive!! i hope there’s a part 2.i love you shone and nam!!:) 🙂


  3. One of the best Movie!!Hindi nakakasawang panuorin.Thanks ABS-CBN,Biglang nawala ung problema ko kahapon..lol


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