Sherlock Holmes (2009)

I don’t know why they cast Robert Downey, Jr. in the title role. Big name, big money, yes.


Did he fit the role of Sherlock Holmes?

My opinion? Not quite.

While the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did portray the infamous detective as a rather unstable but highly intelligent man, the only thing Robert Downey, Jr. was able to bring to the character was the eccentricity. The rest of the time, I was still just watching the actor try to be THAT smart.

I have yet to read the novels, but the short stories I have read. In my mind’s eye Sherlock Holmes was truly an eccentric genius, a combination of the brilliant mind of Gil Grissom of CSI, the bearing of Michael Caine, the eccentricity of Johnny Depp and the age of… well, I guess, Downey would fit in this category.

Downey played the part of a master detective quite well, but no, he was no Sherlock Holmes.

Enough about the actor.

Wikipedia gives a more detailed account of the liberties made with the movie adaptation, but it also cites the allusions to the numerous Sherlock stories, few of which struck me as familiar (thanks Wikipedia for clearing that up for me). I am happy that director Guy Ritchie decided to keep elements of the detective faithful despite the fact that he did alter a few things here and there.

The story, apparently, was lightly based on The Hound of the Baskervilles (next on the reading list, definitely), but the characters were from different stories. Lord Blackwood and Irene Adler appear in The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone and A Scandal in Bohemia, respectively. Inspector Lestrade is a recurring character in the series, being a well-known detective at Scotland Yard who regularly consults Holmes in difficult cases.

Hm. Since all I’ve done is bash the great job Downey has done and cite facts, and I have nothing more consequential to say about the movie, I think I’ll go find myself a copy of that novel and just read.

On another note, it turns out that there’s a sequel in post-production already. 😀

Well, THIS was an uninspiring entry.

Today was generally uninspiring, anyway. Interesting and slightly uplifting in terms of personal events, but still unspiring.

Anybody care to throw an inspiring movie my way?



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