Quick reviews

So I’m off for today and tomorrow. Here are a few points on some of the things I”ve recently watched.

Have a great weekend, everybody.

Fairly Legal

  • lawyer-turned-mediator Kate Reed is still reeling from the death of her beloved father
  • has to deal with her “wicked” stepmother who is also her boss
  • has a good head for justice – the right kind, and not the ones that look good on paper
  • great cast, even better lead actress (Sarah Shahi)
  • dramedy. lots of heartfelt moments, but still light-hearted
  • VERDICT: great new TV series

You Again

  • Kristen Bell and Betty White are always great
  • movie, unfortunatly, wasn’t
  • ’nuff said

How Do You Know?

  • the movie was promoted as a romantic-comedy.
  • there was nothing comedic about it.
  • i didn’t know if it was supposed to be a drama or a comedy
  • i wish they had taken the dramatic route and NOT cast paul rudd and owen wilson. THEN this movie would’ve made more sense

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