The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

Just some quick points:

  • I always love how Riordan briefly explains the mythology and does it properly. The deities’ present characteristics and job descriptions, so to speak, remain faithful to the original myths. I compare this to the Nicholas Flamel series which I felt bastardized the beautiful myths just to be able to cram so many in one story.
  • Bast reminds me of Nellie from the 39 Clues. The superhuman version.
  • Carter and Sadie remind me of Dan and Amy from the 39 Clues. Their constant bickering yet steadfast love for each other is evident.
    • Sadie seems old for her age. At least Dan (also the younger one in the 39 Clues sibling duo) acted like an 11 year old.
    • Carter sometimes acts like a wuss, which is weird since he’s the one who’s traveled around the world, so you’d expect him to be more experienced in dealing with difficult situations. Then again, the prim and proper scholarly behavior constantly expected of him plus the fact that he dealt with adults and/or dead people explains this.
  • Plot-wise, nothing really new here. Dormant meanie god? Check? Bring him back to life? Check. Little kids running all over the world to save it from the meanie god? CHECK. Still, it was pretty exciting to read about how the old gods are revived and how they adjust to the modern age.

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