Harry Potter 7.2

I am not a Potterhead.

I have seen only movies 1 and 2.


I have read all the books.


I have loved each one of them (Goblet of Fire, not so much though).

My initial plan was to wait for all movies to come out, get the DVDs, and watch them one after the other. But when my former student offered me tickets to the advanced screening of the LAST Harry Potter movie, I did not refuse them. I have heard so much wonderful things about the movies that I figured it would be a travesty to pass the tickets up.

I went with a friend and got my tissue ready. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that we’d be watching the 3D version. Free 3D tickets? Score!

When the movie started, the whole theater hushed up. Here was the mighty Voldemort, now owner of the Elder Wand. Here lies Dobby, a free elf. Here was Harry, his face full of grief and fear and strength. And there we were, spellbound.

Not watching the first half of the series (or the other movies) was a disadvantage though. I didn’t know who the characters were because they were supposed to have been introduced in previous installments. No worries, though, since my recollections of the book details slowly came to mind as each scene unfolded. The Gringotts break in (Helena Bonham-Carter was just amazing as Hermione hahaha), the battle at Hogwarts, Snape’s memories, the epilogue scene–all wonderful and beautiful and thrilling and heartbreaking and touching.

Did I cry? Yes. However, I was stoic for the beginning and end of the movie. Nothing moved me more than the sight of all of Harry’s trusted friends hurt or dead. A family’s grief over a fallen one, the loss of an unexpected guardian, the personal sacrifice–how can you not shed a tear?

Perhaps my biggest disappointment was Mrs. Weasley’s delivery of her famous line, “Not my daughter, you bitch!” I had somehow imagined that scene differently so I found that the movie scene fell short of my expectations. Still, there was no denying the ferocity in Mrs. Weasley’s eyes as she defended her daughter against that crazy witch Bellatrix. Oh and the simpering little creature in the “clean” King’s Cross station was like a bloody Benjamin Button. Ew.

All I really want to say is that even though I have no strong feelings for the series,I do love the concept and the literature and the grandeur of it all. I appreciate JK Rowling and the millions of fans, who, crazed maybe, have used the inspiration provided by the author and her epic heroes to do good in this world.

This final installment was beautiful. There just isn’t any other way to put it.


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