books for sale (updated 13 Aug)

EDIT (13 JUNE 2012)

I’m still strapped for cash, but I kinda don’t want to part with my books anymore. However, if you spot something here you like, leave a comment, and let’s talk about it.

Basically, I’m strapped for cash, so… help a poor girl out? 🙂 I’m selling some of my books 😦

I can meet you in Xavier School, Katipunan or Gateway only. If you want to meet somewhere else, it has to be accessible by MRT/LRT. I can also have the books sent to you for a minimum fee (P50).

Please leave a comment if you want to buy or if you have a question. Thanks!



Jeffrey Wilhelm, Ph.D. READING IS SEEING: Learning to Visualize Scenes, Characters, Ideas, and Text Worlds to Improve Comprehension and Reflective Reading (Scholastic reference book for teachers; good as new but with stamped name; originally P995-price tag still attached)

P400 (excellent condition)

Toni Morrison, BELOVED

Vladimir Nabokov, LOLITA

Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary, 4th edition (CD not included)


Charles Baxter, THE FEAST OF LOVE



Umberto Eco, BAUDOLINO

John Boyne, THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS (good as new; barely read)

Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child, THE BOOK OF THE DEAD

Audrey Niffeneger, THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE (good condition; w/plastic cover)


Colm Toibin, THE MASTER


Robert Ludlum, THE AMBLER WARNING (vg condition)

Compiled by Alice Gray, Stories for the Heart:Over 100 Stories to Encourage Your Soul (vg condition; with plastic cover)


Jane Austen, PERSUASION (bought early this year; hasn’t been opened yet)

Lin Acacio-Flores, ADVENTURES OF A CHILD OF WAR (good as new; with stamped name)


Ernest Hemingway, A FAREWELL TO ARMS

Vicki Lewis Thompson, TALK NERDY TO ME (chick lit)

Virginia Woolf, THREE GUINEAS (bit yellowed pages but still in vg condition)

Edith L. Tiempo, A BLADE OF FERN (with bit of stains on edges, but otherwise in vg condition)

Jane Austen, NORTHANGER ABBEY (brand new)


edited by. Vincent Price, 18 BEST STORIES BY EDGAR ALLAN POE

John Steinbeck, OF MICE AND MEN


2 thoughts on “books for sale (updated 13 Aug)

  1. Hi, any chance I can get
    Lin Acacio-Flores, ADVENTURES OF A CHILD OF WAR (good as new; with stamped name) for Php100? I can meet you in Katipunan 🙂 Need it for class. Thanks


  2. Uh, unfortunately, I don’t live in Katipunan anymore. Plus I need to look for it first since all my books are still in boxes after I moved. When do you need the book? I can send it through courier (pay through gcash). Email me: reeyah at gmail.

    If you can’t wait, I think National Bookstore in Katipunan still has it. That’s where I got mine. Or look for a grade 8 Xavier student and ask if he’s willing to part with his copy. That was their required reading last school year. 🙂


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