Captain America (2011)

This is long overdue since I saw this months ago.

Captain America

Chris Evans is racking up superhero suits. First it was The Flaming Torch, and now he’s Captain America. And I had absolutely no point in saying that. I was just stating an observation.

Here we have another origin story. Interesting to a certain degree, but yeah. *yawn* Captain America is born out of the government’s use of enhancement drugs to create the perfect soldier. Jeez, what message are we sending kids these days? That it’s okay to take performance-enhancing drugs if it’s for the good of the nation?

As for the movie itself, the first part felt like an excerpt from Benjamin Button. It was highly disconcerting to see Chris Evans shriveled up into a dorky soldier-wannabe fending off taunts and blows from bigger, meaner soldiers.

As the movie progresses, it is established that this puny punk has a heart of gold, who would risk his own life to protect other people. The motivation for this character is unclear for me, though. The guy’s too… stereotypically NICE and GOOD in all senses of those words. It makes me think that he is depicted as such because he is the embodiment of all things American: strong, courageous, generous, and faultless, and, implicitly, forever, and with these I have a problem.

The movie does not lack in superhuman stunts and glorious action scenes and beautiful people, but the ideologies portrayed in this movie are so subtle and obscene at the same time that one needs to take a step back and evaluate the overall message of the movie. For Americans, the movie might help strengthen their belief and confidence in their country. For others, it might give the impression that America is THE country to emulate. As a result, we all look to America as heaven on earth. Hyperbolic, but you have to admit it strikes a chord. A majority of the students I’ve handled have all wanted to go to the US at least once because “it was nice.” Who could blame them? With all the things they see on TV and film and what relatives and peers tell them, of course these kids want to go there. Captain America just added to the fuel for desire.

One other thing I had trouble grasping was the somberness of Chris Evans’s acting. He’s the FUNNY guy; why is he so serious? It was really disconcerting to see him all stern and mad when you’re used to seeing him goof off in Fantastic Four or The Losers or What’s Your Number?, among others. This is not to say, though, that he didn’t do an excellent job playing the all-American hero. Far from it. He was spot on, and it was gratifying to see that he actually had range.

Since this movie isn’t showing anymore (what with this review 4 months late), let me just say that you should go watch this movie on (get the DVD!) before the Avengers one comes out. Better yet, watch all the individual Avengers character origin stories before watching the “big” one.


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