November 3

…is my dear friend Cecily’s birthday. 🙂

That reminds me, I should go text her. 🙂

And because of that previous post, I was painfully reminded of the work I still have to finish, and so in the morning when I wake–for it is now past midnight as I type this–I start with my first task: reading the novel Numbers and writing a review about it for school. Hm, actually, I already finished my first task, which technically was taking care of the missing write ups for the yearbook. That’s partially done, but now I’m in a state of worry because I NEED those write ups ASAP.

I also have to prepare the third quarter plans, which I have no idea of how to fix because our original novel, A Wrinkle in Time remains a mystery to me. Yes, that means I didn’t like it much despite the fact that it is a highly-acclaimed classic. Maybe it was my copy’s ratty cover that turned me off. Maybe.

Oh hey, look, this turned into a full-length ramble.

I’ll go now. I guess this counts as a NaBloPoMo entry for today. 🙂


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