November 5: A Day of Many Birthdays

…is my colleague Alex’s birthday. It’s also the birthday of Allan A, also fondly known as Corky since he was our Corps Commander back in senior high school during mandatory CAT. If I’m not mistaken, it’s also the birthday of batchmates Trixie and Bea.

We Novemberians are many.

So what’s in store for today?

I’m not sure. I have to re-condition myself to the idea that I’ll be coming home to Laguna every single frikkin’ day now because I lost my roommate to her family and, consequently, our apartment to steep prices and a tight budget.

Nevertheless, I’m done shedding useless tears over it and have beefed up my resolve to try this new situation out for the next semester. It’s not gonna be easy, I’m well aware of that, but it’ll help me save up for the lovely Ā Galaxy Nexus that, thanks to my techie brother, I’ve been eyeing now, too. Well, it’s either that or a new HTC phone, dual core this time to make up for the laggy entry-level Android phones they released.

Anyway, this week-long break’s done me some good. I think I got my weight back up to OVER a hundred pounds this time, which I’m sure will make any doctor happy because I am no longer underweight. It’s all this eating and lazing around that did it. šŸ™‚

Also, I keep putting off going back to the store where I bought my Blackberry because I knew I’d have to surrender it for repairs, and I couldn’t because I was already getting attached to the BBM service. *sigh* Me and my gadgets.

Tomorrow is the 6th and is the birthday of our Vice Corps Commander, Anniefel. šŸ˜€ Ooh, and the day after that is the birthday of another officer, Meryl, but I forgot her position. And the day after that is MY birthday. And yes, I was an officer, too. Horrible times and some great times. But that’s for another entry. šŸ™‚

I checked out the NaBloPoMo site and discovered I’m number 1008 on the November 2011 blogroll. Cool. There are THAT MANY people participating. šŸ˜€


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