November 8: How about a dose of awesome?

My birthday started a day early.

I woke up round 8 or 9 a.m. on November 7, the day before my birthday, and just lay in bed, checking my phone for Twitter updates. I replied and retweeted a few tweets before finally getting up. About a few hours later I get a call on my phone from my best friend, Cla, who said that she had her gift delivered to me at home. She told me to come down and check if it had arrived. I had this sneaking suspicion that they were here, at home, but a tiny part of me refused to believe it because my home was completely out of the way of modern civilization. Okay, that’s a stretch, we do have Starbucks in this side of the world. 😀

I spot a car through the curtains as I was making my way to the front door, but it did not register whose car it was. When I went out, I saw my friends from work, and I squealed and threw my arms around them. It was AMAZING! This was one of the best surprises of my life! To top it all off, they brought FOOD! 😀

I invited them inside and I introduced them to my family. Then we proceeded to taking pictures and then eating! There was chicken and pancit and lovely, lovely, cupcakes by Sonja. They werer too beautiful and delicious tot eat. But yes, hungry pigs that we are, we devoured the food they brought and with some left for my family haha. They brought THAT MUCH food.

I got gifts yay! Two books, both collections of short stories by renowned authors, a box of chocolates, and that Zequenz journal I wanted. 🙂 We caught up on each other and gossip. Much laughter and mirth ensued. It was, simply put, happy.

The funny thing was that I posted about their visit on Facebook and people started greeting me thinking that the 7th was my birthday. Even after posting a note that said my birthday wasn’t till today, there were still some who posted birthday greetings. I didn’t mind. I didn’t care. Who in their right minds would complain about having a two-day birthday celebration, right? 😀


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