November 12: Food Trip

I’ve noticed that all my friends love to eat. We bond over food. Not clothes, shoes, bags. FOOD.

Today I had a post birthday celebration at Wingman, Makati with high school friends. We had my fave, lemon pepper chicken wings, as well as garlic parmesan and honey mustard wings. We had curly fries, corn puppies and a deep fried snickers bar. 🙂 HEAVEN! 🙂

Afterwards, we dropped by Ritual Organic Grocery and bought a bunch of Theo and Philo flavored dark chocolate bars. Pretty expensive, bit they’re organic, so it’s understandable. And they’re yummy, too!

I checked out Blue Bottle Boutique which was beside Ritual, and I saw a brightly hued bag that I wanted to buy but was out of my budget, so I had to leave it. 😦

Then we checked out Skitzo, a store that sells costumes. Guess I know where I’m getting my next Dress Me A Literary outfit. 🙂

We headed to Greenbelt for some Starbucks, then went window shopping. Well, o was the one who ended up buying a lot of stuff, bit most of it was for my mom haha. I DID get to buy a simple pink dress on sale. 🙂

Oh happy day. 🙂


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