November 17: Tiring Thursday

This school year, I’ve begun to hate Thursdays for the simple reason that I have a first period class. I suppose it’s no big deal, especially since I only have two first period classes per week, but now that I have a new routine, this first period schedule is proving to be even more vexing than normal.

I was scowling even before 5 a.m. today for a minor annoyance, and it has set the mood for my morning, which was unfortunate since ALL my classes were in the morning. Fortunately, the coffee and chocolates kicked in and the sugar high helped me get through my class with a relatively better mood.

I type this now with my stomach rumbling. I had not had time to eat breakfast nor a decent lunch, which consisted of a hotdog sandwich with bacon. My only other meal was a pack of Quaker Oats Oatmeal Cookies, which is not so satisfying if you’re starving and craving for MEAT.

The only consolation I have is that I finished doing my grades before the deadline, checking all sets of quiz booklets, and the slideshow presentation I have to use tomorrow. Things I need to do? The drill sheets and quiz I was supposed to have finished last Sunday (but which I need only for Monday).

And now I feel dizziness, so I must bid you, anonymous reader, good bye, for I shall partake of my oatmeal cookie snack.


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