November 24: Happy Hyper

My day in bullet points:

  • I brought Anto the cake he ordered from my mom.
  • I got rained on because I left my umbrella.
  • I can’t find the middle ground between boring and fun.
  • I ate free food.
  • I checked quiz booklets and journals.
  • I sang happy birthday and took pictures (which I still haven’t uploaded)
  • I checked grades.
  • I distributed the grades.
  • I listened to a product presentation.
  • I went home (NO TRAFFIC, HALLELUJAH!)
  • I got home early.
  • I watched episode 9 of Coffee Prince.
  • I fell in love with Jin Ha Rim (or whatever the name is of that guy who keeps saying “My Chan!”).
  • I ate dinner.
  • I went hyper on my family and laughed at everything and slapped my cousin’s arm from all the jokes and hirits.
  • I went online.
  • I will pack my things for tomorrow.
  • I will wash up and go to bed early.

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