November 26: Shopping!

After the culminating mass for 6B’s recollection, I headed to Makati to run errands. I paid my bills, bought ingredients for mama’s cake, and went on a brief shopping spree.

First order of business was a new pair of shoes. I needed flats because I was now a regular long distance commuter, and I needed comfy shoes. I ended up buying a pair of wedges from Janylin haha. It was a great combination of classy and casual with its black satin straps and rattan? woven wedge heels. Sorry, idk what you call that material. Don’t know why I deviated from my original target purchase, but I’ve always wanted wedges, and these were stylish and comfy enough, which was a surprising combination, considering that the brand was Janylin, which is known more for its style than comfort.

I also scoured the department store racks for a decent green cocktail dress to wear to my friend’s wedding. For some reason, green was a difficult color to come by, but I did manage to spot a simple emerald green dress. It had cut out sleeves (at the shoulder. Someone help me with proper terminology please), a garter waist in a free form cut and it came with a studded skinny black leather belt.

The smallest size fit horribly. 😦

I went over the racks TWICE and settled on the brand that sold resort wear. I got two dresses off the rack and dragged my weary self to the line at the fitting room. When I finally got a vacant one, I discovered that the first dress I got was, in fact, a jumpsuit. I tried it on and BAM! Another horrible fit. You really have to be tall or proportionally skinny to pull those things off.

The second dress was an empire cut asymmetrical jersey dress. The top part was dark gray and the bottom part was printed green with a few pink flowers thrown in. It was ankle length and seemed perfect except that the asymmetrical top was too big. I decided to purchase it anyway and just have it altered.

I got a few other smaller items and then I went home. I zonked out as soon as the shuttle left the station because I was so tired from yesterday’s PTC and overnight recollection. Until now I feel exhausted. Unfortunately I can’t sleep yet because I just had dinner, and you know what they say: you’re gonna die if you sleep right after eating haha. Of course, that’s not my reason, but I still do need to wait a while for my food to get digested before sleeping.

See how ‘sabaw’ I am now? I was talking about shopping and now I’m talking about food.

I shall end this here before I ramble any further.

/edit… this is what you get when you’re sleepy and typing on a teeny tiny touchscreen phone. Too many errors pop up. There. Done editing. If there are more errors… I’ll change them later.


3 thoughts on “November 26: Shopping!

  1. Excuse me if I may, and please forgive me if you get the wrong side of this, but is ratan supposed to be rattan, or is it a totally new word by itself? I looked it up on a rather old dictionary of mine (Webster’s Desk Dictionary copyright 1992, to be precise) and it didn’t show up.


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