Times like these…

I just want to sleep and sleep and sleep and be woken up by someone who’ll save me.

A realization set in as I crammed the checking of these last two sets of papers. (The ones that I brought home, at least. I still have penmanship manuals at work.) I never had to cram this much paperwork on such a short time before, and the reason behind this was, I suppose, the fact that I lose a lot of time just being on the road.



2 thoughts on “Times like these…

  1. Happy new year to you Ria! ^_^

    I guess we all have times like these when we don’t know how to stop time because of all the things we need to do all at the same time. Whenever I get to that point, the first thing I’ll do is cry. Literally! And then I’ll start to pray. And then I’ll cry again. Haha..


  2. Happy new year to you, too! You’ve moved na pala to New Zealand? (ay sorry feeling close ba? hehe) I’m glad you’re settling in nicely. 🙂

    Yeah, ako umiiyak na lang ako minsan. Hay buhay. 😐


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