Something new

I was ready for today to be another exceedingly busy day and, therefore, a pain in the neck. A few small things in the morning made me feel like I’d abhor this day, but a few other small things managed to brighten up my mood (as of this typing, at least).

The first was free breakfast. I normally eat breakfast at work because if I do it at home, I’d miss the early bus to work, so I bring my breakfast with me and eat as soon as I arrive. This morning, though, after finishing my breakfast, a colleague comes in and brings bags of pandesal and cheese bread, with a variety of sandwich spreads such as Cheez Wiz, choco hazelnut, ham spread, and chicken spread. I was a bit dismayed because I was already too full to partake of pandesal, which is one of my favorite breakfast foods, but it felt good knowing that somebody was generous enough to bring breakfast for everybody in the workroom.

The second was a surprise. I’m not the type of person to experiment with make up. Powder, blush, lipstick and some eyeliner when I feel like it and I’m good to go. Today was the usual, except that I used pink lipstick for the first time. I was hesitant to use it because I’m not a pink person, and the shades of pink that I like border on purple already, but just because today’s uniform was a dreary black and white, I figured I needed a pop of color on top of the red watch I was wearing. Since my friend had given me a palette of 4 lip stick colors, I went with the brightest one, pink, and hoped for the best. When a colleague stopped by my cubicle to ask a question, she literally stopped when she saw me and complimented me, saying I looked “good” different. I appreciated her saying that, for it made me feel better.

A little change goes a long way. In my case, my nerves, lethargy, and overall angst dissipated because of one small change I made.

Good vibes all the way. 🙂


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