Blog hopping: some interesting blogs

Because my brain is still recharging and is therefore currently unfit to write more meaningful prose, I leave you with links to blogs that I find interesting.

The Reluctant Stylista

Alex Lapa writes about her adventures as a stylist in the Philippine fashion and showbiz industry. Read about new beauty products, celebrities, fashion, and win a thing or two while you’re at it.

I’m Phat Not Fat

Andrea writes about her life as a fiercely confident curvy girl in a world hung up on the skinny look and gives tips to fellow fierce ladies.

This is my happily ever after

Here you can find reflections from a newly-wed woman about life, love, and God.


Ride the Delorean and take a trip down memory lane with three Filipino men who reminisce about everything from balot to Julio at Julia, Kambal ng Tadhana to curfew at alas sais (six pm).


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