After three long months, I finally had my hair cut. It was getting to that awkward not-long-but-not-too-short phase, and styling it was getting more and more annoying each day.

After my shift at our SUPER school fair, I headed to Aura Salon in my beloved Katipunan (024266992) to get my hair cut by my favorite stylist, Lyn. I had to wait long for this day because she had been on maternity leave until recently.

I was dying of curiosity to see what I would look like with straight short hair, so I asked her to blow dry it straight after cutting it. Eh. It was weird. I looked like a mature adult. And by mature I mean in my forties or early fifties. Thankfully, Lyn fixed it up so that I was back to my younger-looking self. True enough, the salon receptionist asked if I were a student (presumably to give me a discount) when I was paying already.

It’s OKAY, I suppose, but Lyn agreed with me and said that the curls fit me much better than the straight hair. I’m one for trying things at least once, so now that I know that short straight hair looks decent but weird on me, I can stick to my curls without ever wondering “What if?”



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