On Philippine traffic and other rants

We all know Manila traffic spells death, either by noxious fumes, urinary tract infection, or just plain old boredom. But why is it that we allow this current condition to remain current? Why have we not learned to abide by rules that have been set in place to facilitate order and minimize inconvenience, or, worse, chaos? Why do we choose to act only when tragedy has already struck? Haven’t we learned already that an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure? Or something to that effect. The exact idiom or saying escapes me at the moment.

It is frustrating to see the world become even more selfish. We are buried in our own heads, immersed in our own thoughts, disconnected from society as we choose to enter our headphoned world, encouraged to do so by our gadgets, nay, the companies that made and advertised them. And to further stretch this line of thinking, has Steve Jobs created monsters out of all of us?

Too many questions plague this weary mind. Answers shall be sought in the daylight, for now I welcome sleep’s warm embrace.


One thought on “On Philippine traffic and other rants

  1. As if you are describing the traffic situation and drivers’ mindset of my city Karachi, Pakistan. Its the same here in Asia, people just refuse to act like responsible persons, they don’t realize that abiding by rules is the only solution. Everyone just seems to be in hurry. The reason is also that no strict laws are in place. Everyday I pray to God to give people the sense of traffic.


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