Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella

Sophie Kinsella is best known for her Shopaholic series and for good reason: they’re hella funny. My personal problem with the series is that it feels like once you’ve read one, you’ve read them all. I was on my fourth book when I told myself, “Screw this. it’s the same thing. Again.”

That’s why I was reluctant to pick up another Kinsella book. Admittedly, I had bought and read Can You keep A Secret? and found it refreshingly funny. Kinsella did have a knack for making her readers laugh. However, I wasn’t sure if I’d be happy with another one. It would be years before I read, let alone BUY, another of her novels, but come three days ago, that’s what I ended up doing.

Lexi Smart is a driven, hard as nails bitch of a boss who whacks her head when she gets into a car accident and suddenly remembers nothing from the past three years of her life. She doesn’t even remember that she got married to a stunning and considerate hunk. All she remembers is how absolutely crappy her life had been, so she is over the moon in joy at the discovery that her life had made a complete about face and was so much more… stable. Little does she know that the perfect life she had woken up to was not perfect after all.

Kinsella does here what she does best: present a damsel in distress who ends up saving herself–and others along the way if she can help it. There is the trademark screwball comedy, to borrow the term loosely, and the seemingly flighty lead female character who balls it up and triumphs in the end. Feel good no brainer story? Definitely.

I don’t mean to say that Kinsella’s stories and writing are terrible; I prefer hers over sparkly vampires anytime. Even though I find that her female leads are all somehow ditzes, I am still drawn to her characters, no matter how annoying they are. Such is Kinsella’s power.

Hm. What was my point again? Oh. This story is hands down entertaining. Funny, heartfelt, romantic, witty. I think I’ll go buy Undomesticated Goddess next.


Self-evaluation: This is a crappy, uninspired review. I think I’ll go practice on Delirium next.


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