Mirror, Mirror (2012)

Pretty woman Julia Roberts rightfully plays the most beautiful woman in the land in this retelling of the classic tale of Snow White. And yes, the Pretty Woman reference WAS made in the movie.

The movie purports that it is the queen’s story, but seriously. It’s Snow White. OF COURSE it’s going to be a movie about Snow White in the end. The funny thing is that you don’t even notice the subtle shift from the queen’s perspective to the tried and tested third person perspective.

Oh wait. Did I just say “The funny thing”?

There’s no singular funny thing about this movie because EVERYTHING is funny. Truly, madly, deeply. It will tickle your funny bone, make you grin and laugh and guffaw like a madman. The movie doesn’t take itself seriously and neither should you. It’s no blockbuster, but it will, for the next hour and half, successfully take your mind off that deadline you need to meet or those pounds you need to lose.

Also, watch out for Chuckles. Best. Character. Ever. (but that’s just me talking. :D)


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