Of family, friends, and books

April 14, 2012 turned out to be a day full of opposites.

My day started out with a trip to Bulacan to pay respects to a good friend’s grandmother who passed away last Friday. It wasn’t as solemn as I expected, mainly because it became a time for us friends to unload on each other the pitfalls of being in our respective careers. Add to that the fact that our friend, the one whose lola died, spent most of her time on her phones taking care of the work she had to leave at the office so that she, in turn, could help take care of the wake.

It was a good time to catch up despite the circumstance that brought us together. May her lola rest in peace.

I didn’t want to think about it then, but that death, and the death of another friend’s father, recently reminded me that nobody is here on earth forever. It was scary, especially knowing that my own parents aren’t getting any younger.

Book club

Right after the wake I was dropped off at Shangrila to meet the other two people who would join me in the book club discussion of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey. We were originally 7, but things came up, and only three of us were able to make it.

The discussion itself on the book was very brief; we all agreed it was a “dead” novel. The lead character was unrelateable, the plot not the author’s best, the writing style very young, and the annoying fact that the title doesn’t figure in the story until towards the end.

That said, we ended up talking about Austen’s other novels and their film versions. We also began to plan for our following book club discussions, which excited is all. Next on our reading list is Emma, about the girl we all hate.

Elvin in Manila

I come home after three clashes with various drivers and a PUV conductor whose manners were seriously lacking. It was a good thing, then, that I came home–well, to a neighbor’s house–with tons of food on the table. One of our old neighbors, Elvin, whose family migrated to Canada a few years back, came home for a vacation, and we were celebrating his return. He’s pretty close to my sisters and some other kids in the next block, so a dinner party was warranted. As always, the food was excellent. I went home with a happy tummy.

Opposite ends of the spectrum

My upcoming week will be busy. My emotions are all over the place again. That can only mean one thing, and I hope it comes next week and NOT this week. oh. hell. no.

Okay this part was supposed to be more… deep. *cringe* I am distracted by Argentine tango. It’s so SEXY.


for now.


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