vanity post

I feel ugly right now.

Lately my skin has been breaking out, and even though I stopped using the organic skin care products I tried out last month and that which made me break out in the first place, my skin has continued to break out in little pimples in the lower part of my face. IT. IS. HORRIBLE.

I shared my zitty problem with friends and some colleagues and they had different theories and advice. My friends mentioned my oily skin, using Pond’s, getting facials, or seeing a dermatologist. My colleagues said that it was the extremely dry and hot weather to blame, plus a lack of water intake. On my part, I think it’s all of the above with the added bonus of stress. ‘Tis horrible. I can’t stop saying it. I’ve never broken out this much before.

My plan of action now is to drink plenty of water (more than the usual), eat more healthily,  get tons of sleep, get a facial, and go back to using Olay (I’m never going organic for skin care again). I’m not desperate enough to pay for a dermatologist. My confidence is shot, though. 😦


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