XS Nuvali

It’s my first day of work at my new school, and it was a great first day. 🙂 We had the first day of enrollment, and it was so exciting to see the kids that we’d be handling. It was a little strange at first to see girls walk in with their parents, shyly peeking up at us as we urged them to fit their uniforms. I’ve been so used to seeing male students that this was a whole new experience for me, and to think, I wasn’t even going to officially handle a class this year!

Another new experience was the sight of non-Chinese students enrolling in Xavier School. Not so unusual, isn’t it, especially since there are non-Chinese students in XSSJ? But here in Nuvali, the Chinese students are the minority and not the majority. And the kids here are all GORGEOUS. I know it sounds a little off because people might think that I’m implying the XSSJ kids are not  good looking at all because they are, but the Nuvali kids are just… beautiful. I can’t explain it. You’ll have to see them for yourselves.

Looks aside, the kids there are also well-behaved. I’ve had my share of boisterous kids, and the XSSJ sure can be LOUD, but the ones I saw were all so well-behaved and obedient. Well, there were the occasional hyperactive ones, but they’re nothing that our veteran teachers haven’t handled.

You know what we’re most excited to see in the new campus? We want to see how the boys will interact with the girls and vice versa. We want to see how the teachers, too, will handle a class with both sexes present. We’ve all been used to handling only male students, that the inclusion of girls inside the classroom is something we all look forward to.

I’m going to end this here for now because I don’t think one day will give me enough of an experience to be able to encapsulate XS Nuvali in one post. (did that make sense?)

Tomorrow, I go back to Nuvali and look forward to meeting new parents and students. 🙂


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