The Reading Spree

My lovely friend KC is a professional writer, a job that I once would have killed for had I not answered the call to teach. Her years of experience have honed her style to near perfection (if we still go by the belief that nobody is perfect) that it was an absolutely an honor to be asked to contribute to her book review blog, The Reading Spree, which differs from other book review sites in that it reviews books by common themes. Well, technically, she was telling me about her blog and how she was thinking of getting contributors but how she didn’t know how to… compensate (I fail at word choice here) the contributors. I gamely said that I’d do it for free, and that’s how I got my foot in the door.

There’s no question about my love for books. Friends and family will attest to the fact that I tune them out once I have my nose buried in a book. The building would be on fire and I’d pay no heed if I’m engrossed in what I’m reading. Dangerous, but true. The problem now is how to WRITE about these books. I was trained as a Lit major to critique texts, but even then I’ve always had difficulty articulating what I thought about whatever I’ve read. The only reason I took English Literature as my undergraduate major was my profound desire to consume texts. Responding to the texts and writing about them was a whole different skill set I had difficulty tapping into.

Now, after years of struggling with writing about books, I find myself once again quasi-formally challenged to critique and write reviews. I say quasi-formally because even though I’ve written reviews on this blog, they were more half-baked than gourmet since I was writing for myself. I’m going to have to treat this more seriously because of the new purpose and audience. I’m a bit apprehensive about this new project, but I’m also excited. I’ll consider this as preparation for my eventual return to M.A. Lit classes.

My first assignment is to write about C.S. Lewis’ series of books set in the magical land of Narnia. I’ve read them all long before, so now it’s just a matter of getting re-acquainted with the lovely characters and their infuriating enemies. Between my secretarial, faculty, and moderator duties, I don’t know WHEN I’ll get to finish this. I’m therefore giving myself a deadline.

While waiting for my contribution, check out KC’s awesome writing chops at The Reading Spree.


One thought on “The Reading Spree

  1. I’m curious what you will write about C.S.Lewis. I imagine book reviews as being almost impossible to write. I approach books like I do movies. There are some with interesting special effects, some with a good soundtrack, some with your favorite actor. But if I don’t leave the theater (or put down the book) moved, then it is only average, and will never be more. Others may disagree, but I want something to shake me up, slap me in the face, make me cry, or change my perspective on life. If not, it seems mostly a waste of time.


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