63) What is your secret weapon to get someone to like you?

Kill them with kindness.

Kidding aside, I really have no secret weapon. If you’re talking about getting my students to like me, then that’s easy. I listen to them. I try to get to know what they like then use their interests in class in some way. I don’t judge them. If they have a problem, I help them. When they tell me that they don’t like what some other teacher did, I try not to do it, but if what that other teacher did was the right thing, then I back up that teacher. It helps that I still remember my own teachers. I remember the things they did that I hated. I remember the things they did that I appreciated and loved, and I try to do those things in my own classes. I try to be fair, and I think I’ve succeeded.

If you’re talking about my friends, then I don’t know. My friends must have seen something good in me to put up with all my mood swings and quiet moments andlaitera and pintasera moments. You’ll have to ask them why they like me. They all said that their first impression of me was that I was a bitch, which is totally untrue because I’m one of the nicest people around (you know that’s true, right, Luis? haha). Well, okay, I’ve got a nasty bark, but it’s worse than my bite. Actually, I don’t bite.

If you’re talking about guys liking me, then I’m at a complete loss. As you can see, I’m still single. I don’t know if some guy will actually like me enough to want to see me again after the first date.

Sentence count: 21 or so

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3 thoughts on “Q&A

  1. I liked that sis. Killing them with kindness for sure works. Haha..

    When you said something about remembering your old teachers and thinking what they did that you hated and trying not to do it too, I reflected very quickly. Recently I realized that I’m becoming more and more like my own mother, most specially doing the things that I used to hate about her. Loolll. I always say to myself I should stop it, but I can’t control myself and my mother really comes out of me.

    You’re lovely sis. It’s their loss for not liking you. Don’t worry about them. ^_^


  2. Aw, thanks dear. 🙂 that means a lot.

    I always try to keep myself in check. I don’t want to be called a hypocrite kasi, but you’re right. It’s hard to steer clear of doing the things you hate other people do.

    Here’s to us and our efforts to be good. 🙂


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