No time for books

…is about the worst thing a bookworm can say about herself.

That was what I realized today.

When I uttered those words “I have no time for books” a part of me died. I had the gorgeous Mirror, Mirror on my bedside table these past two weeks just waiting to be consumed. I have Narnia waiting to be revisited, but sadly, I have had to push it away in reluctant favor of paperwork and Excel files and schedules and emails. It is depressing.

When I first started my new job, I thought it would be a treat to get away from the checking of student papers, but I realize now that despite the tediousness of the act of checking, I still get to immerse myself in creative work instead of now being immersed in nothing but mechanical and dry reading. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m beginning to miss checking.

See where my train of thought has led me. From books to checking. I let my mind wander, then “I lay my pencil to the porous page, and let my lunatic indulge itself.”

I think I’ll go read some pages of Mirror, Mirror now.


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