I am in danger of becoming a horoscope addict.

It all started with Twitter. Some of the friends I followed had their horoscopes automatically tweeted, and I got curious about mine, so I checked out various Twitter accounts that were all about the different zodiac signs. The first two I found talked mote of the different characteristics of the signs, and I noticed that around 90% of the things said about my sign applied to me. I started looking at the horoscopes that the second zodiac account I found would post daily, and I found that around half the time they rang true, too. Well, since it’s on western time, I’d read the horoscopes at night already. Now, I find myself waiting for the horoscopes. It’s not like o believe them, but sometimes I catch myself watching out for things that make my horoscope true.

That got me thinking. Maybe horoscopes don’t come true because of fate. Maybe they come true because we find ourselves subconsciously making choices that lead to the realization of that prediction.

Hm. I  should keep my distance from those things now. I don’t want my life taken over by something that someone says is my future, no matter how amusing they may be.


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