Sabangan Beach Resort, Laiya


This was probably the best weekend I’ve had since starting work. My closest friends and I threw our friend Anna a despedida (send off) “party” in Laiya, Batangas. We stayed at the Sabangan Beach Resort, which was one of the beach resorts that lined the Laiya shoreline. It was a cozy set of bungalows and lofts with great food and service.

We got a bungalow facing the beach for roughly P12,500+ for 6 people. It included two rooms, a toilet and bath, a porch with a refrigerator and outdoor sink; meals (dinner, breakfast and am/pm snacks), free massage for 3, and free kayak ride for 3. Not bad, right?

The place was generally clean. The bathroom was fairly spacious, and, because of the cool rainy weather, we were happy to see that the shower was fitted with a water heater. The water pressure was really light, though, so it took a while for us to rinse off. The rooms were air-conditioned, but it had thatched roofs. Actually, I don’t know what you call the bahay-kubo type roof. It rained, but we didn’t get wet or experience water dripping down on us from the roof. They provided a towel each for the six persons and a soap in the bathroom but no tooth brushes. However, if you forget any toiletries, you may ask the staff to buy for you.

Were there bugs? Yes. Ants, flies, and other random bugs you can expect to see from a province. If you have a portable bug zapper, bring it. If not, bring a katol or candles to ward off the bugs, but honestly, they weren’t so many bugs to be too much of a bother. We just happened to have food always on the table, so of course these bugs were attracted.

Speaking of food, I’m not sure if it was because we went there during the off peak season, but they didn’t charge us for corkage for the drinks and chips that we brought in with us. Also, the food they served for the meals were really good. They weren’t the usual cheap carinderia food that some cheap inns serve. Of course, don’t expect the food to be 5-star, but you do get your money’s worth and more.

The beach itself was the most disappointing part. Since we went there during the rainy season, the waves were mighty scary, and the sand was very coarse and sometimes a bit painful to walk on. Keep your slippers on and you’ll be fine.

Oh there was free wifi, too. Just ask for the password.

If my other friends ask me where to stay in Laiya, I’d recommend this place. It’s right smack in the middle of Blue Coral and Aquatico, but Sabangan is cheaper without being cheap. I’d love to say this place was the best, but I’ve got no point for comparison, and since this was a steal compared to other more expensive places, there were one or two things that could have been better. Still, this was still an excellent choice for us. We were all happy with the place and service (the staff were really helpful). 🙂


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