My Long Weekend in Bullets

Saturday, 18 August

  • had to email boss stuff before 7am
  • rushed to the Kape’t Guro session, but stopped by Pan de Manila for some pandesal for the potluck
  • session session session
  • cried at the session. AGAIN.
  • left with ana. she dropped me off at megamall where…
  • i had some lady stuff done
  • went to sm makati to try and look for that blood pressure machine my mom wanted me to buy
  • failed. so i did some toiletries shopping instead
  • went home, read Neil Gaiman’s Fragile Things
  • ate dinner while everyone else was at church

Sunday, 19 August

  • got up late again (this long weekend just makes you want to stay in bed)
  • got stuck in traffic before Magallanes.
  • read while waiting for traffic to ease up
  • had lunch with KC at Wingman in Makati
  • took pictures of signs we saw around The Collective
  • met up with my brother at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Salcedo
  • reminisced about Manresa with brother dearest and KC
  • got on a Pacita Complex shuttle instead of the Balibago one because there wasn’t one
  • scolded the driver for texting while driving
  • got dropped off at Balibago, but not the complex so I almost got lost
  • walked walked walked walked walked until I saw a traffic aide who pointed me the right way
  • took a tricycle to WalterMart and bought two books at Booksale
  • went home. had dinner.
  • read some more Fragile Things

Monday, 20 August

  • woke up some time around 3am. slept again.
  • woke up at 430 because of my weekly alarm. turned it off. slept again.
  • woke up for real, had breakfast
  • read Fragile Things
  • watched a bit of TV
  • played Bad Apples on the iPod
  • read some more
  • ate
  • had a lipstick fight with my youngest sister until mama made us stop šŸ˜€
  • read some more
  • turned on my laptop and attempted to write
  • watched the 11 drunk men commentating on Slender Man video
  • ate dinner
  • doing this now

Tuesday, 21 August

  • will wake up
  • will have breakfast
  • will work
  • will read
  • will run
  • will watch TV
  • will read
  • others

Yes, I’m quite in a lazy mood today.



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